The Singers - Gods To Surrender testo lyric


Too distant too far to realize
too close too soon too silent
one hit one shot one stroke one tear
that's what I need not what I see
this damage is not too bad but
my time runs out I'm too slow
plants and birds and rocks and things
count on my commitment that's why I'm here

then something struck the ship
no, it can't be real
sun is about to rise
now it's time for me to surrender

Too fast too quick to make it right
too slow too dull too careless
one chance one take one run one deed
that's what I tried not what I did
this light is too deep and white and
my life dries out I'm too worn
space and stars and black deep sky
that's what I will see until I die


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La canzone Gods To Surrender si trova nell'album The Room Went Black uscito nel 2011.

Copertina dell'album The Room Went Black, di The Singers

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