The Singers - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Medication (Ode To The Gun)



Testo della canzone

They got answers They got nothing They seem human I'm sure I am
I’m talking of facing them Just before they walk like me They already seem too nice
They speak as they conspire A gun is what I need A gun is what

I took the gun to kill the man standing at my door Then came a shot And you're gone
Nothing but the light of my fire The dust on your hair The light of my fire I shot my belle

My door is still open And he stands knowing what I did Now put it down slowly
Just think how to mend A gun is what I need A gun is what

Album che contiene Medication (Ode To The Gun)

album The Room Went Black - The SingersThe Room Went Black
2011 - Rock, New-Wave, Indie

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