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I'm feeling weak and weary every night I come home
and I keep repeating I can't do it nomore
but every day at five o'clock the alarm goes off
there's another shooting or a fashion show
and you know, you know I'm ready to go

I'm tired of following diets I cannot eat a thing
and try to quench the hunger with a bunch of cigs
some coke to be proactive since the day I was born
waiting for that bitch that tells me:


I really think I can't keep going on like this
I've just forgotten the last time I did it for bliss
I'm beginning to think that I did it all wrong
and this stupid story is gone far enough
and you know, you know I'm ready to go

I'd like to go to a party where everybody there
is busy to have fun and doesn't care what I wear
I'm tired of being at the mercy of my stylist
she still thinks it's funny to tell me:


I want to cancel the runways
I want you to forget my name
Like Nick said, I'm gonna dig myself


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La canzone Lazarus si trova nell'album Life Happens uscito nel 2016 per Bassa Fedeltà, Believe Digital.

Copertina dell'album Life Happens, di Wyns
Copertina dell'album Life Happens, di Wyns

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