King Of Rock

King Of Rock

Uber Sheizer

2017 - Rock, Metal, Hard Rock


Self published debut album containing 10 good old hard rock songs

Album di debutto autoprodotto contenente 10 canzoni di onesto hard rock.


released August 4, 2017

Giuseppe Lentini: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Special Guest:
Giacomo Grassi: Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals and narration on "Fire In The Night"

Music and Lyrics by Giuseppe Lentini

Except for
Track 4: Music and Lyrics by Giacomo Grassi/Giuseppe Lentini
Track 8: Music by Giuseppe Lentini/Giacomo Grassi, Lyrics by Giuseppe Lentini

Produced by Giuseppe Lentini at his home studio in Bologna (IT)
Band Photo by Menahem Julien Raccah Lisei
Cover Artwork by Giuseppe Lentini


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