Walter Celi - Empty testo lyric


You said you loved me, that's why i'm feeling now so bad
You cannot hug me anymore, 'cause i'm far away from your earth
I feel like i lost you forever, we stayed together but now i am all alone

Remember baby it does't matter what we were,
the only thing that matters is what we have done all nights
I wanna write you with this song, but we must go on,
Love thank you for all!

This morning i'm empty
I cannot talk, just sing
Can't stop thinking
just you and me, in the dark, dancing...

Thanks for understanding me and sustaining all my dreams,
Forget me oh...
I didn't want to hurt you, i always wanted to trust you,
Forgive me oh...

But now i know,
There is no escape,
I lost my baby
Now im empty
I am empty
I feel empty


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La canzone Empty si trova nell'album Lost In The Womb Of The Night uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Lost In The Womb Of The Night, di Walter Celi

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