Walter Celi - Kill the Name testo lyric


Say my name, while i'm walking on the street, fast, and wearing levi's jeans, with a reason in my mind.
Sai it again, i can't hear you well from here, all i want is just to appear, and to be seen down the lights.
Kill the name, people fighting on the street, with a pistol in their jeans, they have no reason in their minds.
Kill again, here the mother lost her child, and the city is very wild, you can easily disappear
I've no name, but i listen to the trees and the nature of human beings It's not easy to survive But at least i'm gonna try.
Finding hidden meanings when There is something to understand I don't know the reason why... But i cannot justify
Leave your individuality You are not worth more than me Help your neighbour to survive and forget about tv

We think we are landlords, and that we'll save the world,
But we' ll destroy ourselves!
We'll just destroy ourselves!
Don't be mad, when all is about to fall and you feel you have lost control but you never had it man!
And don't be sad, here everything is fine there are millions of other minds thousand times better than yours
Kill the name, while you are walking feeling big but with the istinct of a pig Smiling in front of the lights
Kill again, here life is just a game you can't control it with your phone I'm afraid you are just a pawn


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La canzone Kill the Name si trova nell'album Lost In The Womb Of The Night uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Lost In The Womb Of The Night, di Walter Celi

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