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The newspaper said that you had a stroke
I wonder you were just 24
No Beatles come out from your strawberry lips anymore

"Compose yourself!" "suffragette!" and "Talk to me slowly" and the cheers when my parents were gone
When we cover the distance between happiness and alcohol

So the closest we came to a confident love was the passion we share for champagne
in your mother’s house front porch a kiss was the secret you traded for my Latin skills

Spit down or swallow… what love’s about?
Something to cry for or something to hunt, you went straight to the church
To question a minister

Now there’s no point in running against you
I’d rather blow my thoughts away
We drove to the lake and the future was perfectly shaped
And you sang on a stick
“I’ll get by on a limb but these blue eyes of mine they are closed”
"Please let me scream some old-fashioned good songs
We used to sing in our quiet corner"

Did you crawl down alone?
Into the death I wanted for so long
The one you wore on your skinny breast
The one who makes showers
Who makes you feel like nobody else
Under my chest under my chest

Oohhhhh it’s not funny

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album The Soft Century winter dies in june
The Soft Century 2014 - Indie

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