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Chicago there’s nothing wrong
Still singing your favourite Pavement song
Can you see through all these rolling years
The winter days among your chandeliers
I stay here I stay real
This time of year I’d better swallow my fears
After all my painless suicides
Your front porch the park bench in the night
This is me about collapsing all this shit is dragging me
Around again
Young again
Like an echo in your head
-“So am I softer then a lie?”
And your bedroom starts to spin

Chicago here we come
Welcome back to solid ground my love
The rough boys sitting right above the club
The screams the laughter the “please don’t come apart”
This is me about collapsing all this shit is dragging me
I’m cutting myself into pieces
Still can’t figure out what’s going on….

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album The Soft Century winter dies in june
The Soft Century 2014 - Indie

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