Whispers Never Stop - Vol. 2

Whispers Never Stop - Vol. 2

DrØnes '72

2019 - Rock, Alternativo, Hard Rock


This is the second volume of the Whispers Never Stop project by DrØnes '72. The first was published a year and a half ago. This new original work includes five studio songs and one live bonus track. The latter was recorded in Brussels during a performance sponsored by Live@Aloft.
The songs Whispers Never Stop Vol. 2 explore different feelings of life, but all revolving around a search for true connections and disenchantment, once one matures the understanding that time is indeed so limited and hence very precious. In "Soda, Ginger and Bleach", the band plays an ode against the illusions of fake well-being, mocking people who live their lives searching stability only in material things (i.e. compulsive shopping and inconsistent practices changing every day, as the song says) or hyper immaterial practices that do not belong to their cultures but that people do just because they find them cool to have something exotic to talk about. "Over the Horizon" is a song to thank the real close ones, those few people that keep staying by one side without judging, giving love and support even when one is lost and tries to, as the song says, makes attempts to fail everything, including relationships and friendship. "Walking on a wire" talks about uncomfortable relations, when people trap themselves with no reason into complicated and sterile argument, loosing the objective of making things easy and straight in life, instead of complicated and obsessed. "Mornings that I've lost" is a song about rediscovering feelings inside. Life, job, and social dynamics today do not leave time to people to breathe and look inside. Then sometimes it is enough to have a few hours, or a morning free, for whatever reason, to rediscover that everything is still inside and beautiful feelings can flourish again, even if apparently feeling blue. "Comet" is an old fashioned ballad about keeping love alive through thousands miles of distance, this was written by the singer at hard times of long-distance relationship.



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